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About us

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Bringing Kingdom Impact 

through unwavering Identity in Christ

and radical Investment in others


Our Values

A presence-based culture

Everything we do comes from a place of being with Him, spending time in His presence. A combining of Martha’s heart for service with Mary’s heart to be with Jesus.

A culture of Honor

We honor and respect one another highly; to be a people of integrity who keep our word and are faithful and committed;  to love others and to be known by our love. We communicate with others in an honoring way, living in humility and vulnerability as a community.

A culture of


We celebrate often, we rejoice in the Lord, and He is always our source and strength! We laugh and don’t fall into attitudes of drudgery or self-pity.

A culture of


People who serve alongside us feel they are “home.” They are loved, honored, cared for, and important to someone else. They, in turn, love, honor and care for others. We open our homes and make time for one another, and we exemplify healthy family to those who have maybe never experienced this dynamic. With healthy family, there is also a deep sense of accountability and responsibility that is shared as we do life together.

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The circle of silence

The State of Querétaro is located in an area of Mexico known as the “Circle of Silence.” This is a group of five states in Mexico whose populations are less than 2% evangelical christian. Any area of the world considered less than 2% Christian is also considered “unreached,” marking this as one of the needy areas of the world for the Gospel. Many who live in the Circle of Silence have NEVER heard that Jesus loves them, died for them, rose from the dead, and offers salvation, healing and new life to those who believe on His name.

The Circle of Silence is full of people who need Jesus! We invite you to pray for this area to be reached with the Gospel, and to pray about supporting, volunteering, or training with us in order to have even greater impact. 


Circle Of Silence

% of population that is evangelical Christian

Because the percentage of Christianity is so low in these areas, there is a great need for evangelism, mission work, and church planting/resourcing.

YWAM Q feels called to make a difference in these three areas, by:

  • Evangelizing in creative, effective ways

  • Training, equipping and mobilizing missionaries (including raising up local Mexicans to work as missionaries); 

  • Helping local pastors who are planting new churches, and providing ministry resources for local churches, including children’s and youth curriculums and programs. 

Pray about joining us in order to BREAK THE SILENCE in Querétaro, Mexico!
















Contact Info

We'd love to hear from you

Mexico: +52 1 427 219 9759

USA: +1 (417) 629-7230

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