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We're growing!


Check out the latest pictures of the construction of Brasil 5!

The Story

In 2017 we started renting Brasil 3, a one story, two bedroom + one bathroom house. Since then, God has caused so much growth! We have hosted around 40 teams including around 300 people, not including the 12 University level schools we have run. And we are continuing to grow!

In 2018, God provided for us to construct a second level on Brasil 3 which allowed us to have a bigger space for classes, worship, meals, and more. Check out some of these pictures taken before, during and after the construction.

The Story (continued)

In May 2021 we purchased Brasil 5, the house neighboring Brasil 3. Similar to Brasil 3, it is a one story house, and when we bought it, it was quite the fixer-upper! Thankfully we have many staff and friends who helped get a large portion of the work done. We did all of the tiling ourselves!

As you can see, we have already made a lot of progress, but we are wanting to transform it into a two story, multi-use building that will be used for children's ministry, school classes, housing staff, hosting teams, group worship, and more! For that, we need your help!
If God has placed it on your heart to build His kingdom in this way, we have various ways that you can contribute. You can give directly through below by clicking on the "Give" button, or contact us at or on social media to learn more.  Please designate your donation towards "Building Fund".

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